Why should you choose Digitech Solutions’ ODC service?

We are currently providing ODC services with a professional team of Dev, BA, QC, Digital Transformation with 3 to 10 years of experience, well-trained from basic to in-depth in technology knowledge, results with working and project management skills.

 We always update new technology knowledge to meet all the needs of customers and businesses to ensure the project is implemented promptly, quickly and on schedule. Digitech Solutions promises to become a professional supplier of IT,BA,QC, Digital Transformation personnel and always accompanies customers throughout the project implementation process.
Choosing us, your business will receive the following benefits:

  1. Competitive cost
  2. Absolute confidentiality of inter-source code information
  3. Time to complete the project on schedule
  4. The staff is selected according to the needs of each project and flexibly changes according to the needs of customers.
  5. Always ready to support and advise to provide suitable solutions for customers during project implementation
  6. Meet a variety of programming languages, diverse industries.
  7. Consult now

ODC (Offshore development center) is intended to be the service chosen by many businesses in the future.

The trend of software development in many businesses is increasing. Therefore, the demand for ODC (Offshore development center) services also tends to increase.

Offshore development center (ODC) is understood as an offshore team that specializes in providing software development services for companies but is located abroad.

To put it simply, ODC is like a unit providing highly specialized IT human resources, where businesses can quickly hunt for talent. Choosing ODC, businesses will not have to worry about personal management issues, the service provider will be responsible for monitoring and following up on the work to ensure the project progress

The purpose of ODC is to provide scalable technology resources, allowing businesses to eliminate redundant costs. Typically, the client company has the right to directly supervise the offshore development center’s services by communicating with the team members responsible for the implementation through the project manager.

Advantages when choosing ODC service

Reduce costs : ODC has its own equipment and infrastructure and a team of experienced professionals. Your company won’t have to worry about the cost of setting up the necessary infrastructure.

As a result, an ODC project can start much faster and cost you less than building everything from scratch.

Access to a large pool of IT talent : ODC is where you can find proficient IT teams with proven IT capabilities, skills and experience. Top ODCs often emphasize honing the skills of their employees, ensuring that they are capable of providing the best solutions for your target customers.

At Digitech Solutions, our employees receive weekly training in both English and technical skills to improve not only the quality of our products, but also the communication between the team and customers

Good control of activities : ODC strictly follows the instructions from the main office. You will be able to evaluate and track current work progress. You may want to negotiate contract terms with the ODC company.

If the results do not meet your expectations, you can ask ODC to repair the project at an additional cost.

Ongoing technical support : ODC provides ongoing technical support throughout the entire project cycle.

Projects delivered on time : ODC teams are able to deliver projects on time because they operate under optimal conditions and stick to the project timelines and guidelines set by the head office from the start to the end of the project.

In addition, they collaborate effectively with the internal team, which reduces total project completion time.

Efficient allocation of resources : The amount of resources needed varies between projects. When resources at the main office must be reallocated to meet the project requirements, you will have to reduce or increase staff on your internal team.

ODC is like an extension arm that can handle internal team tasks, effectively assisting you in scaling your IT department. Without ODC, resource allocated would be a very difficult feat.

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