The best reason why to choose Software outsourcing in Vietnam after the pandemic Covid-19?


Although the Covid-19 epidemic is causing certain difficulties in relocation decisions and activities, Vietnam is still considered an attractive investment destination for many multinational companies in the world.  In Information Technology sector, Vietnam is experiencing high growth, driven by low costs and high-quality labor. Vietnam has now become the eighth largest provider of IT services globally.

Here are some reasons why choose software outsourcing in Vietnam if you do not want to miss the opportunities to create valuable profits.

1. Vietnam has controlled the coronavirus pandemic well

While the covid-19 measurement case is still increasing in other countries, Vietnam has not had any new community transmission cases since September 2, 2020.

Most COVID-19 patients in Vietnam have recovered and were released from the hospital.

Therefore, Vietnam is considered a safe country with covid-19

2. Growing population & Young demographics

With over 95 million people, Vietnam ranks as the 14th largest population in the world. By 2030, the population will grow to 105 million, according to Worldometers.

Along with its growing population, Vietnam’s middle class is growing faster than any other Southeast Asian country. Steady economic growth means greater income, in turn, will lead to a growing middle class. A Nielsen market research firm estimates that the middle class in Vietnam will grow to 44 million by 2020. And it makes Vietnam quickly become a hot labor market with cheap labor cost on the world, compete with China.

3. High-Quality Technical Education

Education has always been considered crucial and is the foundation of being successful in the future. Like many other parts of the world, high-educated people are highly respcted in Vietnam. In recent years, Vietnam has deployed many innovations and high-quality technical education so as to update and upgrade the educational quality. Vietnam’s education system is expected to develop more and more in the future since it is deemed the cornerstone of a prosperous nation. Information Technonolgy Major are teached in many Universities in Vietnam.

4. English as a Second Language

Nowadays, in this globalize world, it is important for every individual to learn and to communicate in different languages to succeed within any society. In Vietnam, many people have ability to use English as a second language.

5 . Cutting-edge technologies

Cutting Edge Technologies is a technology driven organization that focuses on core engineering design, development and innovative engineering services.

Vietnam adopt with Industrial 4.0 and Digital Transformation. We believe in complete customer satisfaction. With the team of enthusiastic and experienced engineers, our main focus is to deliver projects with international standards and also thrive to fulfill customers goals with all the latest technology available.

6. Support from the government – Openness for Software Development

Geographic advantages and a developing economy are not the only reason to be convinced about why to choose software outsourcing in Vietnam, but also because Vietnam always welcomes foreign direct investment (FDI) and support good polices for Innovative Startups and IT development. The IT industry is supported by the government with tax and labor incentives, high speed Internet and Telecommunication, further propelling its growth

Digitech Solutions is IT Solutions Company which provides Software Outsourcing, End to end Software Development and Digital Innovation Consulting Service. Company locates in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.

We are leveraging young talent Development team and experience Business Managers. Company has capabilities to provide its clients with complete information technology Solutions for their business needs. It specializes in blending appropriate technology with business knowledge to achieve the required solutions. We provide software outsourcing service, Digital transformation solutions in the fields such as E-commerce, B2B, customer growth tool, online education solution, business management,…

Digitech solutions focus on researching 4.0 technical solutions (Blockchain, AI, IoT, Bigdata), ERP, E-Commerce, EduTech, MarTech soulutions practically to suport customer growth and have more effective in the business production.


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